Whats up, my name is Nick Ross and I figured it would be dope to start up a fly fishing blog of all sorts of coolness and epicness on the net. Also, a way for my loved ones to always be able to check out what I am up to on any given day.

A little background on myself, I started fly fishing in Southern Colorado on rivers such as the Arkansas and South Platte, and a few high desert streams that shall go unmentioned in this article... I then relocated to Gunnison, Colorado on a wrestling scholarship to Western State College. Gunnison was the first place I was completely exposed to how badass fly fishing is. It soon consumed my life, ruining relationships, finances and my care for much else. I am now in Missoula, MT where I am working out of Five Valleys Fishing Company as a guide. I have only recently moved to Montana, but so far its awesome. Well here is my life a fishing bum enjoy!

The above picture is my first Missouri River Brownie! Some friends and I had spent two days on the MO and the weather was a little rough, the fishing was super tough but the times were awesome! The combination of just gay ass wind and inconsistent weather the fish were sporadically rising, but not like we had hoped. But that being said I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else for the past two days.

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