Welcome Home

Well, I have been gone for a while doin stuff and things but I am back with a new face to the blog, well only the name actually! Last year I did the Montana thing and dug it and had a great time fishing there, and then did the keys for a month, it was a decent little place. But in the long run I missed home, COLORADO!!!!! I am now back in Gunnison, CO livin with my buddy Caleb and fishin as much as possible.

Its cold as hell but I missed it and am happy to be back! Although I am back in Colorado it will only be until May, and at that point I'll be spending the summer guiding in Alaska at the Wilderness Place Lodge on Lake Creek, which is sweet!

The blog will have a new look and a little bit of a new flavor goin on, not only will it just be fishing trips but it will encompass my other favorite two things, fly tying and babes! Of course it wont be obscene, but there will be a babe of the month for all to enjoy!

As far as fishing, I think the picture I attached will sum up what happened last time I decided to tighten a line!

The babe of the month goes to the one and only, Scarlett Johansson! In my opinion the hottest chick in the world and well deserving of the first babe of the month award! Below is a list of accomplishments in her beauty!

Maxim hot 100:

2006: #6
2007: #3
2008: #2


2006 sexiest woman alive


2007 sexiest celeb of the year

GQ mag:

2010 babe of the year

Hope you enjoyed!


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