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Well, I have been gone for a while doin stuff and things but I am back with a new face to the blog, well only the name actually! Last year I did the Montana thing and dug it and had a great time fishing there, and then did the keys for a month, it was a decent little place. But in the long run I missed home, COLORADO!!!!! I am now back in Gunnison, CO livin with my buddy Caleb and fishin as much as possible.

Its cold as hell but I missed it and am happy to be back! Although I am back in Colorado it will only be until May, and at that point I'll be spending the summer guiding in Alaska at the Wilderness Place Lodge on Lake Creek, which is sweet!

The blog will have a new look and a little bit of a new flavor goin on, not only will it just be fishing trips but it will encompass my other favorite two things, fly tying and babes! Of course it wont be obscene, but there will be a babe of the month for all to enjoy!

As far as fishing, I think the picture I attached will sum up what happened last time I decided to tighten a line!

The babe of the month goes to the one and only, Scarlett Johansson! In my opinion the hottest chick in the world and well deserving of the first babe of the month award! Below is a list of accomplishments in her beauty!

Maxim hot 100:

2006: #6
2007: #3
2008: #2


2006 sexiest woman alive


2007 sexiest celeb of the year

GQ mag:

2010 babe of the year

Hope you enjoyed!


Monday, January 31, 2011 at 5:41 PM , 0 Comments

Florida Keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know its been sometime since my last post, but i have been on the move. The past few weeks i have been in a transition period from missoula all the way down to the florida keys for the winter time, with a flats boat in tow! it has been super hectic just trying to find a dump cheap enough to live in and find a job, but both are now done and we can start tightening our lines!

Granted we have no idea what we are doing down here, but we have all winter to learn and by the time march and april rolls around, we'll be spanking some tarpon and permit! But then the fun will be over and it will be back to montana for the trout guide season!

but now that i am here i will start bringin you some serious fish porn once it gets figured out. i would expect to see me wearing shorts and sandals all winter long and sippin cold beers on the beach or polling around the flats for hogs!

the next day off of work we have i would expect to see some sweet pics, we are going shark fishing!

tight lines dudes!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 10:38 AM , 1 Comment

if you were wondering...

Its been a while since my last update, but there are reasons for that. I am getting ready to leave for the winter, the pic above will give you a hint! I'll be back when i know more!

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One Word: EPIC!!!!

Usually I have tons to say about a day of fishing, but this time its different I am rendered somewhat speechless. The only thing I can say is over 30 fish all on dries and some big boys. Like I said speechless...

Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 10:52 PM , 0 Comments

So these days i am going back to what got me started in fly fishing. and its the wade fishin! Being in a boat all the time i forget all about being on my feet in small water watching cutthroats kill hoppers! They may not be big, or all that smart honestly, but damn are they beautiful. I have been taking a couple of gentlemen out the past few days who have been having a great time spankin some cutties! The waters are crystal clear and small with more cutties than you could ask for.

These little bastards have been killing hoppers with wreckless abandon, which means there are lots of misses. hoppers can be just a pain in the ass to jam into a fishes mouth sometime, you all know what i am talkin about. but for the next two weeks this is the game plan for the rossman!

so enjoy the pics and go fishing!

later dudes!

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Picture this, its a friday night around 10 pm and I am sitting around the house tying up some bugs and drinkin a few beers...yes you can all see where this is going. In my state of peace i received a call from my buddy Burke, he tells me that he wants to do some fishing, and of course i do as well. So we get our plans rockin and rollin to hit the MO and want to leave now! He picked me up at my place around 11 and we still had a 2 hour drive to get there and sleep in the car and figure out where in the hell we are going to fish the next day on the MO. All is going well, except that we both forgot our wallets, but we were going fishing so who gives a shit! We made it up to Lincoln to get some gas, and lock the keys in the car, so its a true midnight run because all hell is breaking loose! But we found the keys and got our shit together and got to craig. I was also a bad co-pilot and fell asleep before we got there... but the next morning i woke up in the front seat in what seems like someones front yard! Thats the perfect start to a day of fishing!

We decided where the hell we were going to fish and got out there and did it! And it was a great day of fishing, we fished hard considering that he had to be back before dark so we didnt get to recycle banks and all that good junk, and we probably would have even drilled more if that was the case!

All that aside though we did drill some fish! Them dudes were up and eating and in a frisky little mood! We had boated three fish in the first 20 minutes of the day, and they were good fish. We had a little lull in the karma for a bit after we lost an anchor...dont ask! But they eventually turned on again and we started rippin lip soon enough. The day ended on a huge downpour and we took off out of there!

This was hands down the best midnight fishing run i have ever been apart of. Shenanigans, big trout, bad karma and good karma, what the hell else can anyone as for!

hopefully everyone reading has been getting their fair share of fishing in, its good for the soul!

peace out!


Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 5:16 PM , 2 Comments

Southern Comfort...

Lately on most of my trips i have been running ninja missions, yep wont tell ya where, and catching big ass trout on big ass flies! Its awesome! This is the time of year i always wait for, watching big bruisers in self destruct mode come up and kill a foamy ass hopper! Some will argue that they would rather see a big fish come up and sip a small dry fly with perfect presentation, brandon. TO HELL WITH THAT! I love watching a true killer come up and either kill a hopper or suck it down a black hole!

The last ninja trip i took was awesome, i took a fellow from georgia who had never ever ever ever caught a trout in his life. We changed that fast. I waged war with them gilled creatures all day long. I had one rod set up with nymphs that pulled out a few nice fish, and then a hopper rod! I shit you not we had more eats than i could even fathom on the hoppers! if we would have landed half of the eats we had, it probably would have been the best day of dry fly fishing/ hopper fishing i have ever seen! All that aside though, we did land our fair shair of fish, and got snapped off 3 times on a 2x leader! By the end of the day Mr. Southern Comfort got bit by the old trout bug. If anyone wants the best hopper fishing they have ever had, right now is the time to get the hell up here and see for yourself how badass it is!

I wanna thank Mr. Southern Comfort for the awesome day, it was a total pleasure to take him out and put him on some hefty ass fish!

Later dudes!


Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 4:42 PM , 2 Comments