So these days i am going back to what got me started in fly fishing. and its the wade fishin! Being in a boat all the time i forget all about being on my feet in small water watching cutthroats kill hoppers! They may not be big, or all that smart honestly, but damn are they beautiful. I have been taking a couple of gentlemen out the past few days who have been having a great time spankin some cutties! The waters are crystal clear and small with more cutties than you could ask for.

These little bastards have been killing hoppers with wreckless abandon, which means there are lots of misses. hoppers can be just a pain in the ass to jam into a fishes mouth sometime, you all know what i am talkin about. but for the next two weeks this is the game plan for the rossman!

so enjoy the pics and go fishing!

later dudes!

Friday, August 27, 2010 at 3:54 PM

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Nice! Ya need to come ashore sometime...get your land-legs back, ya swarthy boat hog!

You know, I still need to give the hoppers a try - and soon. Otherwise, I'll have to wait another year to give them a toss.

And sometimes, those little fellas put up a bigger fight than the tubs!

i guess its nice to come ashore, i can only take it in moderation haha. you better hurry on them hoppers man, your runnin out of time. they kill on the dream stream!

hope your getting in more fishing time than i am at the time! i only get like 2 hours a day to myself haha.

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