Southern Comfort...

Lately on most of my trips i have been running ninja missions, yep wont tell ya where, and catching big ass trout on big ass flies! Its awesome! This is the time of year i always wait for, watching big bruisers in self destruct mode come up and kill a foamy ass hopper! Some will argue that they would rather see a big fish come up and sip a small dry fly with perfect presentation, brandon. TO HELL WITH THAT! I love watching a true killer come up and either kill a hopper or suck it down a black hole!

The last ninja trip i took was awesome, i took a fellow from georgia who had never ever ever ever caught a trout in his life. We changed that fast. I waged war with them gilled creatures all day long. I had one rod set up with nymphs that pulled out a few nice fish, and then a hopper rod! I shit you not we had more eats than i could even fathom on the hoppers! if we would have landed half of the eats we had, it probably would have been the best day of dry fly fishing/ hopper fishing i have ever seen! All that aside though, we did land our fair shair of fish, and got snapped off 3 times on a 2x leader! By the end of the day Mr. Southern Comfort got bit by the old trout bug. If anyone wants the best hopper fishing they have ever had, right now is the time to get the hell up here and see for yourself how badass it is!

I wanna thank Mr. Southern Comfort for the awesome day, it was a total pleasure to take him out and put him on some hefty ass fish!

Later dudes!


Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 4:42 PM

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SLAM! Hell yeah! Those are the types of days we all live for...those are some serious fish ya'll caught.

I've never fished a hopper/dropper...and I can count on one hand the number of times I've thrown a hopper...I may have to give it some consideration. Step outside my small-fly/nymphing bubble.

Snapped some 2x? Damn. Dude...that's some serious fishing if you're busting 2x. Seriously?????

oh there was no hopper dropper about it, it was a hopper extravaganza, i have been throwing a double hopper rig putting a pounding on them. big foamy dries and foamy lines brotha! i am telling you that them fish in the platte will come up for dry flies, just take a day and have some faith in it and toss them. you'll catch some fish.

we snapped 2x three times man, it was awesome! one of the best days of fishing i have ever had...and i wasnt even fishing, a really good angler could have boated 20 plus fish on dries that day.

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