So its runoff time, which sux, so the fishing is non existent. but i'll throw some fishporn on here anyway to just make me feel better!!!!!

cheers and tight lines dudes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 6:08 PM

4 Comments to "RUN OFF..."

HA! Water turned to soup on me this past's that time.

Nice fish! made me feel better, too! Thanks for sharing!

at least i am not the only one feeling the pain of separation!!!!! life is tough when you realize you have no other hobbies besides beer hahaha! thanx man, there is plenty of them up here for ya if you ever get the inkling to boogie up.

Love to make it up your way - had a job scheduled up there in June - but it's looking like it might fall through.

If it doesn't, rest assured, I'm bringing the brew and we're sticking some slabs!

dude, june would be money, and the more beers the better!

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