Its awesome to get some time on the water with a fisherman that just kicks ass! In this case its my good pal Caleb. I had the pleasure to spend a few days fishing with the dude before he flies out of Missoula to guide in Alaska for the summer. Needless to say we drank some beers, floated in pure shitty weather, and tightened up our lines!!!!!Memories is what makes fly fishing so special to me, as most of you read in an earlier post, and when you get to kick for a few days with a true bro and good fisherman shit ends up workin out in a good way. Not many people have a few dudes that fish just like them and don't take themselves to serious on the river and just love to be out there. I have been blessed with some good dues to tighten a line with and this jerk is one of them. So have fun in Alaska dude! You too Fuller, you don't think I would forget about your ass!

But on another note, WHAT A WEEK OF FISHING!!!!!! We managed to totally bum it the hell out, on some awesome rivers, the Missouri was fished twice and we fished another zone on a totally different river. That rivers name I will take to the grave with me!!! Sorry folks, but that is my new little playground, that not a single person outside of my circle of dudes that will know about, which makes it that much doper!

So here is some fish porn for you guys from the MO, and the nameless river!

Once again Caleb and Mark have a kickass time in Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers and Tight lines dudes!!!!!


Friday, May 28, 2010 at 11:06 PM

2 Comments to "PEACE OUT HOMES!"

It is about the memories, and the company at times, isn't it?

Glad to see you fellas had a blast..and hooked some nice fish in the process.

Guiding in Alaska for the summer? I'm jealous as hell...

hell yeah it is man, and good company also makes super shitty weather that much better haha.

yeah i got some buddies who have been doin that for a few years now and dig it, i am going have to try my hand at it in a few years w00ts!

how are the old home waters of the platte doin!

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