So...yesterday morning i woke up fairly early and figured my day was going to be shot just kickin it at the house all day. Since i am broke, and my boss had all of the calls forwarded to to me to book trips for the day i really had no choice. But then something amazing happened, and a buddy called me up to go float the westfork of the bitterroot. I sure as hell didnt turn it down, i mean it was a last minute thing, and i was taking someone else's spot in the boat who didnt show up. so i just had to show up and go fish and drink their beer and eat their food, yes it was last minute so its perfectly polite to do such a thing.

We had a hard time figuring out how far we wanted to float, there was suppose to be isolated thunderstorms, but it was nice at the time. So we just decided to say to hell with it and do a good 15 mile float, the water was kinda moving up there so it only took like 7 hours or so. Now back to the fishing, so we get there, put on some salmon flies and hope for the best, thats really all you can do when your chasing those bastards, and for about 3 hours we had lights out salmon fly fishing! We put a few awesome fish in the boat and a few dinkers on big old scary dry flies! Not to mention we missed a few of them as well. Finally, some salmon fly action. Its been a long time coming since i have seen one of them big bugs, and timed it somewhat right. Now the reason i say somewhat right, is because after about 3 hours of that, the fishing DIED!!!!!!! They had eaten so many damn salmon flies and gorged themselves and just quit eating all together, not even the all mighty san juan worm caught a fish in the second half of the day!

No worries though, it was a fun day. When you get salmon fly action on top, drink some beers, row through some technical boulder gardens, and laugh your ass off all day, i think its a successful fishing trip!

cheeers and tight lines dudes!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 10:14 AM

2 Comments to "FINALLY!!!!!!!"

Hell yeah! Fortune shines on us all, from time to time...and yeah, when an opportunity presents itself, ya' gotta take it!

Let's see....stay home and answer the phone...or FISH???? Not to hard to figure that one out!

Nice Cut...whats up with it's dorsal fin?? That thing is standing straight up like a cat's back hair...

you know he pays me to be a good fisherman so i gotta be dedicated to being a bum hahaha.

i think that fish was embarrased about the stupid salmon fly pattern that i came up with that looks ridiculous hahaha

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