fishing season!

The summer is finally here, fishing season has started, bugs are popping and i couldnt be happier! Its been a while since my last post, i got pretty busy with trips and then i was fishing on my spare time so you'll have to cut me a break. With runoff over and clear water, the fish are looking up and its great.

And to start the season i got a visit from my old man and uncle this past weekend. What better way to start a season by dragging the dad around in all out fishing trip in montana! it was awesome! They got to fish some AWESOME waters and catch some pretty nice fish while this old boy rowed them around like a madman. The first day they got here i had to get ready for a trip the next day so they just went down and fished the creek that runs through my town and did some serious damage they said. On day two we had some plans to do the bitteroot after i finished up my half day trip on the black foot, but that got all screwed, thanks by the way dad! The next day was the beginning of the trip, we woke up early and made the long haul to the missouri, it was a slow day but we still managed to boat up some fish, my dad is holding the bows, and my uncle is diggin it with that really nice brown.

The next days plans were to get up early and float the bitterroot in the morning and do the clark fork in the afternoon. We got up and got all our shit together and hit the road, we got on the root a little too early. We caught some fish and it was really starting to get hotter once we took off the river. We then made the long trek to the lower clark fork down stream from missoula. We were going to try and get an evening caddis float on a sweet stretch of watter and met some of my buddies there. The clark fork is awesome! We didnt slay them but we freaking caught some nice fish and that river is going to pop solid in a good week. My old man caught that nice cutthroat on a little elk hair caddis, and then a few more fish. It was good to see that river clear up finally.

Thanks alot for coming up old man and uncle scottie, it was a good time. i hope you dudes had fun on your montana fishing trip!


Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 1:10 PM

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