I finally got on top of things so starting today i'll be able to update this bad boy regularly with awesome fish porn and other fun things! I have been pretty busy with trips lately and its awesome! Hopefully there are some out there getting in their fair amount of healthy fishing time!

I recently took an Aussie out on a guide trip, and it was sweet! The dude was a terrific angler, no surprise, and we swatted some serious fish! To start the day, we had a hook up within the first five minutes of the day. From then on i knew we were going to beat up some trout. We proceeded to throw hoppers, and other random dries that weren't producing as well. But the fish are on a hopper alert and its the best time of the year! Within the first hour we had already boated three fish, two of them were really nice too.

After that the day went on, and got slow and the same all over again. But the funniest part of the day was about a 15 minute stretch where the thunda from down unda got schooled by about 10 fish. The fish would come up to munch the hopper and he would be way way too early, not that we all havent done that before. But fish after fish he kept telling me, "I saw it!" It was a fun little 15 minute stretch. I won't even mention the fish that we didn't land... i know your going to be reading this and thinking about how i never let it go all day, and you still gotta hear about it!

Our second to last fish redeemed us, somewhat, of the fish we didn't land earlier in the day. That fellow came up and gave a small caddis dry, and i was nervous that we werent going to land that one either. But anyway it obviously came in and it was awesome!

Thats it for now! hope you enjoyed hearing about the day as much as i enjoyed being on it!

later dudes!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 5:41 PM

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Nice! Looks like it was an awesome time...and not updating the blog, just means you're out fishing, right? I think we can let you slide a bit on the long as the time was spent snaring some pigs!

yeah dude! its been a dry fly extravaganza up here! I been hookin some really big shit on dries lately on the clark fork and its cool as shit. hows the platte?

Platte is fishing like a dream! They're loving the small junk and feisty as hell right now.

Hoping to hit the Gunnison here in about a week or so...then I need to put your location on the radar for some fall fishing!

thats awesome that the platte is hot, i would be in elevenmile wacking them on dries at this moment haha. hopefully you hit the gunni, that river is awesome! this is a great time of year to be fishing it.

yeah dude, september is definitely the right time to think about comin on up. thats when its just off the chain!

I ran into a guy last outing that, out of the blue, said 'Elevenmile is fishing like crazy'.

Not sure if he thought I'd just grab my gear and leave at that second, but then he just stood there and looked at me from across the river...and said it AGAIN. Creep me out.

I haven't been in Elevenmile for a few years...may have to head up there and make you jealous!

haha sounds like a total creep haha. get on in there and throw some dries! its definitely the best place on the platte to toss some dry flies!

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