Cutthroats in paradise

The cutthroat trout may be the most badass of all the trout in the whole world. Not only are they pretty, but they will tear up a dry fly with reckless abandonment and they are absolutely gorgeous! From now on when I think of cutthroats it will no longer be the high mountain lakes from back home, the only thing that will cross my mind is...upper bitterroot.

The upper bitterroot river is just stupid full of beautiful west slope cutthroats, and they were all looking up today! After a morning of slaughtering white fish, and by slaughter I mean ugly! My roommate zach was fishing for white fish like it was a hate white fish day! But then the mayflies started popping off in all the right places at all the right time! I got some more eye candy for all you guys and chit, so enjoy! The two pictures above are not the biggest fish of the day but definitely two of the most gorgeous fish!


Friday, April 9, 2010 at 8:52 PM

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YEAH! Cuts are a fun time - and it looks like you bagged yourself some nice ones!

the thing i forgot to mention to you was that i was hammering all these damn fish on a green drake cripple hahaha. way bigger than the rest of the bugs flyin around but them things just didnt mind seeing some extra calories haha.

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