Yeah thats right, I said it, STUPID FISH GODS. I dont know what I did to deserve the type of day I had on the river today. I have been behaving okay, I had all the right bugs, and I had great eats on my flies today. Not one fish that gave me an opportunity got landed. So the only thing that pops up in my mind is what the hell I could have done to make them fish gods so angry. I probably missed around 10-11 fish, and had on a super nice brown who totally rocked me. There was a pretty damn good March Brown hatch and they were definitely looking up, I just couldnt seal the deal.

After many failed attempts at catching fish I did what any responsible fisherman would do. I laid down on the rocks and closed my eyes for a bit, and then for about 30 minutes did some rock skipping. Some of them went all the way across the river too, so at least I know my rock skipping was on the top of its game. After I threw my arm out and started a rock skipping party with all the kids playing on the river we bagged it for the day. So even on days when the fishing is better than the fishermen you can still have a good time getting fresh air, or even skipping rocks, its all what you make it for the day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 6:05 PM

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Ahhhh haaa! Duuuuude! I feel your pain...boy do I feel it!

Its all good...tear 'em a new one next time and let them know who's higher
on the evolutionary ladder!

no shit right! it was painful knowing an animal with the brain the size of a pea just ripped my world apart today haha

Dude.......It can't be as bad as "black Sunday" Can you say "gold fish"? Talk about pissing off the fish gods. They owe me a lifetime of tight lines after that day! HAAAAAAAAAaaaa!

Posted by Anonymous ( April 18, 2010 at 10:41 PM )

Black Sunday - I remember that day. First we went to Antero and got blown off before we could put in. The 900 mile an hour winds should have told us to quit then and there. But no, we went to Catamount Lakes not knowing what a joke that place is. We then went to San Isabel and it was dirty diaper day there (you that were there know what I mean). Black Sunday..............Black Sunday, the memory still causes my soul to ache.

HAHAHAHAHAHA to this day i hope that i never have a guide trip on june 7th, because if not i am going to sleep so i wont relive the experience of that day. and them god damn gold fish were the icing on the cake hahahahahahahahaha. thanks for reminding me though ants, it was almost out of the old memory bank hahahahaha

I still twitch when I think about that day. Maybe with some therapy and copious amounts of alcohol, I may someday heal the wounds. One should always have a day such as black Sunday, because after a day like that....Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever seem that bad. I dont know, but floating a river in Montana and not catching the hell out of catching "gold fish" while being surrounded by pot smoking, power bait dunking, ghetto talking "people".
Hahahahhahhaha! you know what I mean SPUD!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how does a day like that happen, i mean it started out as a day at antero, to that freaking crap. its hard to even begin to fathom how we start out on top and get all of our pride and dignity stripped away from us at the end of the day catching gold fish and dealing with freakin the dumbest of the dumb people in southern colorado, on free fishing day. next time they have a free fishing weekend you should opt out of fishing altogether, regardless if its june 7 or not, just never fish on free weekend ever again or that will happen.hahahahahahaha

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