Yesterday I had plans to write about the day on the Gallatin River that I had. A buddy and myself fished the canyon toward Big Sky, and I had caught a lot of fish, the biggest one being about 11 inches. But something better presented itself and I feel needs to be shared because its badass.

This post is not about me, once I got home from fishing I had called my folks to see what was going on in their lives, and brag to my old man that I am still fishing in Montana, and he is not. Little did I know the old man and some of our good friends went out and did some fishing themselves. And it just so happened to be the 18th bday of one of them. So I tell him about my day and he is not as pumped as usual to hear about my fishing escapades, something had to be up, as it turns out the three of them went on into elevenmile canyon and just brutalized a shit ton of pike. When he was explaining the day to me I had yet to see the pictures and was a little jealous already, since I am a pike junkie. Not only did they catch pike, but they caught some big old dudes. I got pics of the old man, ants and markie. I dont have a clue how they walked up on the day they did but like good fisherman they took advantage of it. Just remember one thing, after a day like this the fish gods are bound to be pissed because they just had way too much fun. Enjoy the pics everyone and sorry this post isn't a Montana post, but this was just way too cool to not share with everyone.

Cheers and Tight Lines!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 10:52 AM

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Hey there buddy boy! I know your having a ball in Montana and your moving a butt load of fish, but man I wish you were here on this day! We thought about you alot and you were with us in spirit!
Take care!

dude ants i am definitely missin the fishin crew. i was a little torn inside that i missed that day with you guys, specially damn piggy that mark caught. i will probabaly be back for a few months next winter though and we can stomp around 11 mile again, you know what i'm referring to big man hahahaha. dude you gotta see this place though, i wish i could take you head hunting in the near future bro, you would shit.

be good to yourself and the family! tell them i said whats up!


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