Why fish?

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone, and they told me how sad it was that all I ever want to do is be on the river. They brought up the fact that I just may be old and alone with no heirs or no one that really cares about me, besides my brother considering he is younger than me and will always be a kickass cat, and I thought about that for a second and politely disagreed. Why worry about that when there are lots of fish to be caught out there in the world! Well that seemed even more infuriating to this person. They proceeded to tell me that the most important thing in life is to give yourself to another person because it apparently is living for more than yourself, which is exactly what being on the river is, its a spiritual and satisfying feeling bigger than myself that is too much to put into words. We are put in a society where we can choose our own paths, so why is one better than another, why not fish and tie flies constantly if that is what makes a man like me happy.

And on another note, there are plenty of women out there, why concentrate on one of them when you can check out what a lot of them have to offer right? Its the same with fish, why just catch one of them when you can catch 50.. You tell me which is more satisfying? All that aside though, how is a person suppose to master an art, and yes it is an art, without dedicating their life to it and working to be the shit in it. I guess I could settle as a recreational fisherman, but that to me is no where near satisfying, just like everything else I want to be the best at it. There should be no compromising if it is something that you really love, and with fishing I don't have to compromise.

So on that note, thank you fly fishing. Your the only thing that can make sense in my life day in and day out, even if the fishing sucks. The two pics above may not be with fish, but a couple of memories that I am spoiled to have because of fly fishing.

cheers and tight lines doods!


Monday, April 19, 2010 at 11:04 PM

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Well said - and those that don't have the 'passion' can never fully understand it.

It transcends beyond a sport into something that is unique to each of us - but at it's core, it's something akin to a religious experience.

We are zealots...we are extremists...we are fly fishermen.

you summed it up better in your last sentence than i could have with two paragraphs. without the extreme nature of a fish nut, there would be nothing but normal jobs and normal days for everyone brutha!

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