In defense of the trout bum

What can you say about a lifestyle where my job is someones vacation besides cool! and to the people who think we do nothing but fish constantly well i got news for them...yeah we do! but in all honesty whats wrong with that. I couldnt imagine what a nice summer day would be like if i wasnt drinkin cheap beer in my drift boat, a.k.a. Scarlet Johansen, outside, and rippin lip, i would go nuts. And i'll tell you another thing, this job was invented for people who would rather be in a mental hospital than sit in a corner office pushing papers and just staring out a window with a view of sky scrapers. But who does everyone go to when they want to learn how to fly fish, a trout bum who can barely pay the bills and thinks an ice cold pabst blue ribbon is the most refreshing drink on a hot summer day. amen to that brutha!

Today me and my roommate zach fished the bitterroot river today, and it was a cool day. I only fished for about five minutes today because i just wanted to row the boat and take the day in. but for the five minutes i did fish i was tangled up something fierce, yes even people who fly fish as much as i do get tangles, and horrible ones. Its a fact that no person can fish without tangling. But all that aside to tell you a little bit more about the day, there was some sailboat sized March Browns flyin about, and they fish were pounding them. I hate to admit this, but i left all the right flies to catch those fish on my fly tying bench at home. To say the least it was a stupid thing to do but hey it happens, so we then turned our attention to the white fish, you can always count on them in situations where you leave the right flies to catch trout at home!! Anyway another awesome day, i got to row and watch a buddy of mine move some fish and hang out and take it all complaints about that!

Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 7:51 PM

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